Knock Down Rebuild

One of the savviest property investments you could ever make, knock down rebuild projects are becoming increasingly popular ways for property owners to upgrade, downsize, subdivide and drive capital growth, or invest in their retirement.

Our needs change as life evolves. What might have suited a growing family years ago may become far too big to manage once the kids have left home. It might be a case of old, outdated decor in need of refurbishment, or a lack of functional living space that leaves you pondering about knocking it all down and starting from scratch.

Often the desire to move home is driven by needing a change in how you live rather than where you live. Why relocate when you can build the home you have always dreamed of on the same street, in the same spot you have called home for so long?

With over 30 years of experience in the construction and property development industry, Normus Homes has developed incredible custom homes and are always on the lookout for the next perfect site to knock down and rebuild. The great thing about working with Normus Homes is that we have done it all before, many times, and we understand all the requirements, especially when it comes to the demolition, design, council planning and construction process.

Below are a selection of before and after shots of knock down rebuild property developments we have recently completed, or are in the process of constructing: