The Benefits of Purchasing a Normus “Turnkey” Home and Land package

The Benefits of Purchasing a Normus “Turnkey” Home and Land package

“Turnkey” is a term often used by builders and developers, however, the meaning and benefits of a “turnkey” home are not widely understood.

The description of a turnkey home can vary from builder to builder. However, it effectively means that when the home keys are provided to the purchaser – at time of handover – that the purchaser can ‘turn’ the key, open the entrance door, enter their brand new home and begin enjoying the upgraded lifestyle. The following list outlines features commonly offered within turnkey home and land packages.

  • Site stormwater
  • All floor coverings
  • Paving
  • Landscaping
  • Irrigation system
  • Letterbox
  • Clothesline
  • Rain water tank
  • Ducted air conditioning
  • Fencing
  • Retaining walls

With over 30 years of experience building beautiful custom homes, the Normus’ team is highly experienced in ensuring that clients understand everything included in a home and land package. Below are some of their best tips:

Thoroughly review the builder and finishes schedule and clearly understand what is included – and not included – within the home and land package offering
Normus provides a detailed builder and finishes schedule, clearly outlining the specification and inclusions of the home. This schedule is based upon our experience and considerations, which can enhance home livability and practicality.

Understand the details of home and land pricing
Normus’ home and land package pricing is based upon site-specific engineering investigations. A significant construction cost is absorbed within site foundations and concrete slab. This cost can only be accurately determined after engineering investigations have been undertaken.

Understand whether there is flexibility to customise the home and land package
Normus home and land packages are customised at the outset. Each home is specifically designed with consideration of unique site characteristics, – e.g. site dimensions, site shape, orientation and topography. Internal colours and finishes are also tailored by our interior designer.

In addition, our team recognises that purchasers may wish to undertake further customisation. Our team provides purchasers with additional opportunities for customisation – further details can be discussed with our team.

Confirm whether the home and land package is Council approved
Home and land packages offered by Normus are Council approved – providing certainty about the home design and floor plan. This can save time and expedite construction commencement, giving purchasers peace of mind that their home is Council approved.

Still unsure whether a turnkey home land package is the right option for you? The Normus’ team would love to hear about your ideas and help make them a reality. Head to our contact us page to book an appointment.