Normus Homes Custom Home Builder Adelaide

Normus Homes are custom home construction experts


Your dream home finally comes to life when lines on paper become walls, rooms and living spaces.

Our expert team of builders are consummate professionals committed to delivering exceptional quality custom homes for our clients.

We understand that to truly be a ‘custom home’, changes may be requested during the construction process. At Normus Homes, we will do everything we can to accommodate those changes, no matter what stage of construction we’re at.

Site meetings are scheduled at key stages of construction giving you the opportunity to view progress and ensure you feel involved the whole way through your custom home build, whilst being reassured that your build is in very capable hands.

Step 5: The Normus Homes Guarantee

“From the moment we started working with the Normus Homes Team we knew our build was in good hands. Their attention to detail and care was displayed every time we drove by our site, seeing it built quickly and meticulously was so exciting..”

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