Normus Homes Custom Home Design

Learn more about the custom home design process at Normus Homes


Whether you already have custom home plans drawn up by an architect, or you’re starting with a blank canvas, we understand how daunting designing your new home can be.

This is why at Normus Homes, you have exclusive access to our custom home design service, to ensure that we are meeting your needs, whilst explaining and guiding you through influences that impact the design.

It’s important to us that we help you understand and navigate the design process and its considerations, whether it be budget, council guidelines and planning restrictions, or complexities with your particular site.

Once all the key considerations are resolved, you can comfortably move onto the next exciting phase of the process:

Step 3: choosing your selections.

“Working so closely with Normus throughout the custom home design service was amazing, even our children got to talk about their dreams for their bedrooms. A truly special experience.”

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