The prospect of building a new home can be overwhelming. With so many things to consider, it’s not unusual to feel vulnerable and under pressure. The first step of the Normus Experience is simply an introduction over coffee. There is no obligation during this meeting or after, just an opportunity to chat about your initial ideas and anything else you might want to know about the process.

We welcome the opportunity to offer you guidance and arm you with important information, so that right from the beginning, you feel comfortable and in control of your journey.

You see, we appreciate that this is your home, your hard-earned savings, your family and your dream. We simply enjoy helping you turn your dream into reality.

“We took Normus Homes up on their ‘coffee and a chat’ expecting to be pressured from the start, but it couldn’t have been more different. We felt at ease from the moment we started talking. They sat with us, listened and offered us great advice. It was a pleasure.”