Learn more about the selections and interior design process at Normus Homes


We want selections to be one of the most exciting stages of your Normus Homes journey. This is your opportunity to personalise your home, choosing the fixtures and finishes that bring your custom home to life in the way you’ve always imagined.

We love it when clients bring us their mood boards, magazines and brochures because together, we make your house a home.

Helped by the expertise of our Interior Designer, you are guided and supported in your selections through every step of the construction process, from selecting external colours, to the full design of your interior spaces and the finest touches.

This gives you peace of mind that the colours and finishes throughout your stunning custom home complement each other, whilst in keeping with your personal style, furnishings and family lifestyle.

Step 4: Construction

“We were so worried about the selection process, about getting it right and finding time to do it, but the Interior Designer took all that worry away and gave us confidence in the finished product.”

Normus Homes interior design selections process
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