Fletcher Road, Rose Street, May Street, Birkenhead

Client: Private Developer
  • Market research identified a demand for high quality single storey, two bedroom homes. This development vision resulted in a highly desirable residential development which was architecturally influenced by surrounding residential character.
  • The development utilised all three street frontages and adopted similar front setback dimensions to the surrounding homes, therefore, negating the requirement of a common driveway. In turn, this provided exceptional streetscape presentations.
  • Separating the project into three community title developments added a greater sense of individuality and separation for home owners (rather than one all-encompassing community group).
  • A favourable outlook from Council’s Planning Department ensured that timely Council approvals and increased development yield were achieved.

Property Development

Fletcher Road, Rose Street and May Street, Birkenhead

Design and construction with associated civil works and landscaping of nine single-storey homes including land development and sub-division