Things to Do in Adelaide

Long Ridge Lookout

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Adelaide, Long Ridge Lookout offers breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings. Located in Mount Osmond Conservation Park, this lookout provides a panoramic view of the city skyline, lush greenery, and even glimpses of the coastline.

Visitors can take a short hike to the lookout or drive to the designated parking area. The ideal moments to visit are at sunrise or sunset, either heading to the lookout or driving to the designated parking area. These times reveal a mesmerizing transformation of the sky into a breathtaking canvas of colours. Besides the magnificent view, Long Ridge Lookout provides picnic spots and hiking trails for those eager to delve deeper into the park’s offerings.

Soldiers Memorial Gardens

Located in the heart of Adelaide, Soldiers Memorial Gardens is a beautiful park that pays tribute to the soldiers who served in World War I. The tranquil gardens feature trees, flowers, fountains, and statues that remind visitors of the sacrifices made by brave soldiers. A popular spot for picnics and relaxation, this park also hosts events such as ANZAC Day. It is a must-visit for history enthusiasts and anyone looking for a peaceful green space in the city.

Semaphore Jetty

This jetty is a favourite spot for fishing and leisurely walks near the quaint coastal town of Semaphore. It currently offers incredible views of the coast and surrounding areas. During sunset, the sky transforms into a breathtaking canvas that adds to the beauty of this place. Visitors can also enjoy fish and chips from one of the nearby restaurants or cafes, making for a perfect day out with family and friends. The jetty is also popular for photographers, capturing the beautiful scenery and vibrant skies.

Adelaide Himeji Garden

Crafted in honour of Himeji, Adelaide’s sister city in Japan, this traditional Japanese garden stands as a concealed treasure within the city. Serenity abounds in its peaceful ambience, adorned with waterfalls, bridges, and authentic Japanese flora and fauna. 

Whether guests opt for a tranquil walk along the winding paths or choose to bask in the calmness by the lake, the garden offers a serene escape from the bustling surroundings. It hosts cultural events like Japanese tea ceremonies and bonsai exhibitions throughout the year, drawing in locals and tourists. It is a top choice for those looking to unwind from the city hustle and find tranquillity.

Civic Park

Located just a stone’s throw away from the city centre, Civic Park provides a serene escape from the bustling streets. Its exquisitely landscaped gardens showcase a charming lake adorned with picturesque bridges and fountains, creating an ideal setting for a relaxing walk or a delightful picnic. The park is also home to the Adelaide Sailing Club, where visitors can learn how to sail or rent equipment for fun on the water. Civic Park is a bustling hub of activity, hosting a diverse array of events and festivals year-round. This vibrant park is beloved by locals and tourists alike, offering a serene and picturesque retreat right in the heart of Adelaide. Visiting Civic Park is a delightful must-do for those seeking a tranquil escape.

South Australian Maritime Museum

The South Australian Maritime Museum is a must-visit attraction for those interested in maritime history. Located on Lipson Street, it features an extensive collection of artifacts and exhibits showcasing Australia’s rich maritime past. Visitors can step aboard the HMAS Onslow submarine, navigate through a 3D virtual reality experience, and learn about the voyages of European explorers. The museum not only showcases a diverse range of events and workshops but also provides an immersive and enlightening experience suitable for all age groups. The South Australian Maritime Museum explores Australia’s rich maritime legacy with exhibits ranging from ancient shipwrecks to contemporary seafaring vessels.

Largs Bay Jetty

Situated in the picturesque coastal suburb of Largs Bay, this historic jetty is a beloved destination for fishing and leisurely walks. Dating back to 1882, it has seen multiple renovations and currently stands as a symbolic landmark in the region. The jetty provides breathtaking views of the coast and surrounding areas, creating an ideal setting to witness stunning sunsets or catch a glimpse of dolphins and other marine creatures. Visitors can indulge in delicious fish and chips from one of the nearby eateries or take a refreshing swim in the serene waters of Largs Bay Beach. A treasured destination among locals and tourists, the jetty offers a delightful peek into Adelaide’s laid-back seaside lifestyle.

South Australian Museum

The South Australian Museum is a bastion of heritage and cultural conservation, displaying many artifacts depicting Australia’s natural and societal evolution. Founded in 1856, it is one of the nation’s most ancient museums, offering displays ranging from ancient Aboriginal artworks to contemporary scientific breakthroughs. The museum is renowned for its diverse educational programs, attracting numerous school excursions. It is a top choice for individuals keen on exploring the nation’s rich history and indigenous cultures, offering an enlightening and educational journey.

National Wine Centre of Australia

Established in 1895, the National Wine Centre is a tribute to Australia’s flourishing wine industry and reflects the country’s international influence. Visitors can embark on an engaging and educational exploration of Australian wines, encountering diverse exhibits illuminating the wines’ storied past and intricate production methods. Guests can engage in wine tastings or embark on a tour of the cutting-edge research facilities within the establishment. Additionally, the Centre features the esteemed Wined Bar & Restaurant, offering a delightful array of Australian wines and cuisine. Whether you possess a refined palate for wines or are seeking a distinctive experience, the National Wine Centre stands out as a must-visit destination in Adelaide.

Randell Park Reserve

In the peaceful suburb of Andrews Farm, Randell Park Reserve is a serene haven for nature lovers and families searching for a tranquil escape. The park offers top-notch amenities, including various playgrounds, BBQ areas, and shaded picnic spots, ideal for relaxing with loved ones. Visitors can wander along the reserve’s scenic walking paths, meandering through vibrant green landscapes that offer glimpses of various bird and wildlife species. This park provides a delightful mix of leisure and tranquillity, presenting itself as a perfect retreat for those looking to escape the city’s fast-paced environment.